Let’s Talk Bromance

By Asia Daggs
Assistant Web Content Manager

Bromance: noun informal

the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.

When I hear the word bromance, I automatically think of corky, funny but borderline weird friendships. The relationships between Seth Rogen and James Franco or Channing Tatum with Jonah Hill are perfect examples. The list could go on and on, but first, let’s hop into the real reason why you are here. International Men’s Day is finally upon us! Here at KTSW, we thought this would be a great time to appreciate the art of bromance.

I scoured campus for a dynamic duo to interview so I could get you guys the insight of how these bromances work. I caught up with juniors Hunter Lenington and Christian Sparks to see what their friendship was all about.

How long have you two known each other?

L: It has been around 8 years since we’ve first met. 

S: (jokingly) Wait, are you sure it wasn’t 4 years ago? 

Where did you guys meet?

L: Commerce, Texas. We grew up in the same town.

What do you guys do when hanging out? 

S: We make music! We are Christian Sparks and the Beatnik Bandits.

Ok, let’s get to the mushy stuff. Do you guys ever vent to each other?

L: Yeah, he’ll call me over, and I’ll come to cook some food.

S: He makes food, I cry.

I had a great time chatting with the guys and getting a chance to get a feel of true bromance. Throughout the interview, they laughed and joked with each other which made it seem as one big conversation. They say the average span of friendships is around seven years, but men can most definitely outlast that quota. Typically, guy friendships do not need much maintenance, and that is why they can last over a lifetime without any fallouts. Our Beatnik Bandits here have already passed the mark.

Featured image by oFace Killah via Flickr.

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