Women in Science and Engineering – Not Just for Females  

By Morgan Burrell
News Reporter

An organization on campus known as WISE, which stands for Women in Science and Engineering, met on Tuesday to further discuss the group’s annual conference that will take place in April.

The WISE group is a collection of alumni, graduate students and faculty members that have experience in the fields of science, technology, education and mathematics.

While the title of the organization makes it seem gender exclusive, the organization is meant for anyone and everyone.

“My hope is that whoever supports women in science and engineering will come regardless. This is the community that we want to establish,” organization chair Susan Holtz said.

The Wildlife Club presented a game that included guessing the skulls of different animals. Photo by Morgan Burrell

The meeting on Tuesday featured a panelist of doctorate and graduate females that answered questions meant to inspire younger girls to pursue future careers in similar fields.

This year’s theme of the conference is a shared experience, and while the panelists at Tuesday’s meeting came from different fields of study, there was a universal theme.

“The common thread between all of them was that they wanted to help people, they wanted to help the world and they wanted to make the world a better place,” Holtz said.  

This year’s WISE conference at Texas State will take place on April 28 in the LBJ Student Center and will feature workshops for students, networking opportunities and career preparation sessions.

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