Other Side Drive Interview the TXST Astronomy Club

By Andrew Wright
Other Side Drive Host

Other Side Drive hosts Andrew and Belen interview the Texas State Astronomy Club to get to know a little bit more about their new organization. Meetings are held every Wednesday in the Roy F. Mitte building, Room 2332, at 5:30 p.m. Then they go to the roof of the Supple building to stargaze, if the sky is right. The stargazing event is open to the public, not just students, which allows for a large audience to grow and learn about the beautiful constellations lingering in the sky above us. An event to watch out for is going to be the Great American Eclipse–a total eclipse of the sun, which will take place August 21, spanning from Oregon to North Carolina. The Great American Eclipse is the first total eclipse since June 8, 1918, which spanned from Washington to Florida. The Texas State Astronomy Club is a new organization that is in the process of growing and reaching the community to teach people about the stars and astrophysics.

Featured image by S. Brunier/ESO via Wikimedia Commons.

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