Playing Like A GRRRL on International Women’s Day

By Madison Tyson
Multimedia Senior Content Producer

Play Like A GRRRL was an event held on International Women’s Day (Wednesday March 8, 2017) at KIVA Lounge and Bar from 7pm-2am. It was brilliantly created by Andrea Torres, Hannah Bennett, and Janelle Abad who wanted to showcase bands with women and female artists. All the proceeds went towards Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center, which serves victims of abuse through providing resources, education, and much more. The bands included BluMoon, Arielle LaGuette, Gluten Tag, Mamalarky, Baby Bangs, Carrie Nation and the Speak Easy, and the Rock Bottom String Band.

I think everyone who was there can agree that Play Like A GRRRL was the best way to celebrate International Women’s Day. Women are underrepresented in the music industry, so Andrea Torres (KTSW Promotions and Social Media staffer), Hannah Bennett (KTSW’s Promotions Director), and Janelle Abad (KTSW’s Music Director) are breaking into the music scene to promote women in music. The night was filled with positivity and support for women and the musicians. It consisted of jamming out to music and exploring the vendors like Zucchini Kill Bakery and Oddball Vintage. Each performer had their own unique style and sound that attracted all types of event-goers. The photo booth kept people coming all night, while the bands kept people dancing all night.

All Photos by Madison Tyson

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