Cory Mann Starts at Buzzmill

By Martin Ramirez
Live Reporter

Local artist Cory Mann kicked off MR Fest at the Buzzmill with only his guitar and voice. The San Marcos musician first began his music career in a thrash metal band with his brother in Waco for three years.

I got to sit down and do a small interview with Mann, and he said that he has many musical influences that help shape his musical voice. “Music itself, man, and nature,” Mann said. “There’s way too much, man. Pantera and old stuff, even Lou Rawls.”

Mann dedicated the first song he played today to “the old souls.” His second song was inspired by Spring Lake here in San Marcos. Mann said, “This song goes out to the Sun God.” The song’s lyrics clearly showed its inspiration, with Mann singing, “Keep our springs sacred, keep our springs whole. Keep our springs flowing with your heart and soul.”

The audience at Buzzmill coming to check out Cory Mann. Photo by Martin Ramirez

Mann had two of his fans and also friends in the audience. Mann’s yoga instructor, Jason Lobo, came out to support his student. “Cory has practiced with me and we live in the same neighborhood,” Lobo said. He also said Mann had loaned him a few microphones earlier and they help each other out.

Junior Scott was also in attendance. He said Mann used to be in a metal band, Knael, as its lead guitarist. “He was really in your face, rocking out,” Scott said. He said he’s seen the change in Mann over the past few years from metal rocker to the mellow music he played today. “It’s nice to see him turn from being the man on the sides to being on his own.”

To find out where Mann will play next, check out his Facebook page.

Featured image by Martin Ramirez.

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