Daniel Thomas Phipps Brings Life to Buzz Mill

By Martin Ramirez
Live Blogger

The second act at the Buzz Mill was Daniel Thomas Phipps, an indie-folk-rock-roots singer and songwriter from New Braunfels, Texas. When Phipps first started his set, his audience was just the volunteers and the Buzz Mill employees. However, within a few minutes, more people began to arrive as Phipps went all out in his performance.

Phipps played with such emotion, his deep voice vibrating through the area. It felt like he was one with the stage and that he played for his love of music. He would close his eyes and belt our his songs with passion.

IMG_9467 copy_1
Photo by Joey Chapman.

This was Phipps’ third year playing at the Buzz Mill. He said the reason he plays music is simple. “It makes me happy,” Phipps said. Honestly, that is the best reason to play.

Among the audience were two friends and regulars at the Buzz Mill, Jordan Pilkenton and Lexi Morris. At first, they joked that they were having fun drinking hot coffee under the sun, but said this was a regular thing for them.

“We knew MR Fest was playing and we’ve been walking around checking things out,” Pilkenton said.

“We like to come here in general because they have our favorite style of music,” Morris said. “I really like his style of music,” she said, pointing to Phipps.  

Apart from being a solo musician, Phipps has lent his talents to several bands from Texas and beyond, including K Phillips and The Concho Pearls, Javi Garcia and The Cold Cold Ground, and Little Brave. Phipps many musical and writing influences include the likes of Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z, Ernest Hemingway, and William Faulkner.

Featured image by Joey Chapman.

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