Jackman Plays At Stonewall

By Allison Johnson
Live Blogger  

“This is our second show ever,” said Jackman’s guitarist, Donnie. Jackman was the second band to perform at Stonewall today. A couple of their influences are Manchester Orchestra and Coldplay. The band payed homage to Manchester Orchestra, covering “Now That You’re Home” for their second song. Jackman had a lot of energy and confidence for only playing one show together before MR Fest.

“This is our second show ever.” -Donnie, guitarist of Jackman. Photo by Brooke Adams.

Jackman covered “When You Were Young” by The Killers. Before the band started playing they mentioned it would be another cover we would know. He was right. The entire audience gasped with excitement once they realized what it was. Everyone sang along with the band and was dancing as well. Stonewall was a perfect location for the novice band. I could tell they were a bit nervous when I spoke to them before the show.

Their sound was soft and chill. If you listen to bands like Interpol and Coldplay, you will like Jackman. I would also say new wave could be a huge component of their sound. An audience member, Alyssa, mentioned that their style reminded her of The Killers a lot. I agree with her and really enjoyed their cover of “When You Were Young” just as much as everyone else did.

As for new music, the lead singer mentioned the band just started playing together a few months ago, but hope to have more music out this summer. You can keep up with the band on Facebook and follow their Instagram @Jackmanband. They are playing a show on May 17th at Valentinos. Be sure to check it out!

Featured image by Brooke Adams.

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