Deezie Brown and Proz Taylor Heat Up Kiva

By Jourdan Bazley
Blog Content Contributor

The KTSW MR Fest ball is rolling at KIVA in Downtown San Marcos. Multiple venues around the downtown area are hosting different styles of music with live artists performing from now until High Waisted takes stage at the MARC later this evening. KIVA will host artists like Proz Taylor and Mindz of a Different Kind, with a line up that started at 2:30pm, running until 7:45pm, before the party moves to the MARC.

From the first song there is a bass vibe that has the crowd nodding. Deezie Brown has brought his best work as he spits real lyrics with meaning and purpose. A deep beat, that holds up throughout the entire song, will have you completely enjoying the experience that is here at KIVA. The crowd support is what makes the best showcase, and with all of the people in the room finding their way to the front of the stage to support the artist, there is an overall cohesive enjoyment in the space.

Deezie Brown performed three songs; Sheep Skin and A-V, ending on “Anna Wintour Every Winter”

As Deezie Brown came to a close on his set, there is still a chance that you could make it to KIVA to enjoy the next artist before they take the stage.

“Support your local artists; Support your local artists; Support your local artists;” is what Deezie Brown said before stepping off of stage, insinuating the importance of making it out to areas that host artists like himself to perform where lovers of music can find their new playlist. 

On stage next at 3:15pm is Proz Taylor. Proz Taylor is an artist from Long Beach, Mississippi, who has traveled around the world gaining cultural diversity. As he prepares to stage he says, “It’s the 10th annual MR Fest. I’m excited to be here; let’s kill it!” Proz Taylor will be performing songs House of pain, OMM, Visions, SMF and Die Rich. Both Deezie Brown and Proz Taylor have not wasted any time using the crowd and the venue to get the crowd involved in each performance. Get here and enjoy with KTSW 89.9 and the rest of San Marcos.

Featured image by Shalnora Worlds.

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