Saturday Night = Hot Starry Nights #2

By Alexandra Cochran
Blog Content Contributor

Being the dead middle of summer, most nights are still pretty sweaty. KTSW wants you to chill out at Hot Starry Nights tomorrow night at Buzz Mill!

Attic Ted stands out from the local music scene by wearing masks during sets. The crowd loves it! Photo by Brooke Adams.

Mark your calendars because this Saturday at 9:30 p.m. sharp, marks Hot Starry Nights #2 which brings out bands, Nightclerk and BluMoon. This event is totally free, but make sure you bring your wallet and a friend in case you crave some late night breakfast while at the show. Take advantage of Buzz Mill being open 24 hours a day with food catering to all restrictions.

This is the first year for KTSW’s Hot Starry Nights and so far it has been nothing short of awesome. This event first kicked off last June with the local bands, The Red Direct and Attic Ted. The back stage was completely full with dancing attendees as the front was full with board gamers, cool conversations, and cold drinks.

Buzz Mill will be handing out a limited run of Hot Starry Nights t-shirts for the first-come crowds. Come join us under the stars and support local artists along with being surrounded by great company! Stay tuned with KTSW on Instagram @ktsw_899 for the final HSN in late August and for more events.

For a small preview of what is to come, check out our Studio C session with the headliner band, Nightclerk.

Featured image by Brooke Adams. 

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