Texas State Student Cofounds Social Justice Coalition

By Lauren Donovan
News Reporter

Texas State student, Claudia Gasponi, has created a Social Justice Coalition, bringing together minorities to tackle issues of inequality and discrimination.

San Marcos is home to a diverse population, ranging everywhere on the political, racial, sexual, and gender spectrum. In order to address many of the issues minorities face today, Claudia Gasponi cofounded the San Marcos Social Justice Coalition. The new organization has already begun tackling one of the key issues affecting Texas.

“We have started working on actions with Mano Amiga against SB4, and that has been really wonderful to be able to support Mano Amiga,” Gasponi said.

In addition to combining with other social justice groups to tackle Texas legislation such as SB4, the organization also will provide educational resources to local citizens.

Coalition meetings take place at Wake the Dead Coffee House at 7 p.m. every Sunday. Photo by Lauren Donovan.

“We are working on a couple of programs that are education based. One is a Civics 101 course at the public library, and the other is a self care network for mostly mental health, that is geared towards individuals who cannot afford those kinds of programs themselves,” Gasponi said.

In the near future, the coalition plans on providing a unified publication, easily accessible and digestible to all of its readers about resources available to minorities. For more information, the organization can be found on Facebook, and their meetings are open to the public at 7 p.m. every Sunday at Wake the Dead Coffee House.

Featured image by Lauren Donovan.

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