Kurt Rockmore at Mala Luna

By Brittney Hemmands
Blog Content Contributor

Rockmore’s energy on stage is wild! Photo by Tino Manor.

As the second performer of day one at Mala Luna, Kurt Rockmore took the stage with energy that was unique and quite unlike anything I’ve seen before. After quickly introducing himself, he began his set with a raging sound that hyped up everyone from the front to the back of the crowd. He included singles like “Going Up” and “Stuck In My Ways” and hits from his 2015 album Light Up The Night. Even concert goers that were not familiar with Rockmore fell in love with his sound and could not help but be entertained by the artist’s wild and energetic vibes.

In just a thirty minute performance, Rockmore was able to showcase his amazing hip-hop/rap skills while reminding people how enjoyable music really can be. After listening to his exceptional vocals on stage, you may be inclined to want to see him in concert again or to listen to some of the songs he’s dropped. Luckily, he just recently released an album called Life of the Party, so we can hopefully look forward to a lot more concerts and tours in the future. You can check out his music on Spotify or Apple Music!

Featured image by Tino Manor.

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