Riding the Pine: Episode Three

By Andrew Zimmel
Host and Bread Enthusiast

Episode III of the Riding the Pine podcast was recorded in the sweaty closet on the lower side of the Texas State Campus.

The podcast tackles the Texas State football team and how the team found a way to lose again over the weekend. Brenden finds a way to find a silver lining in the season, while I find a way to get another drink into my system. The Texas State Volleyball team fell three sets to one, which really broke my spirit. This was a team that I was boosting as the “Best Volleyball Team In Texas State History,” so this loss was a tough one to swallow.

Women’s and men’s basketball has really gotten underway with the men’s team underwhelming and the women’s team playing lights out. Something that many should take note of as the season looks to pick up steam moving into Conference play.

Worst Audio of the Week and the Picks of the Week both are home runs.

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