Womyn of Content: First Encounters

By Asia Daggs

Womyn of Content is the newest podcast to be introduced to KTSW 89.9. Hosts Alexandra Cochran, Jenise Jackson and I believe it’s vital to create a platform such as this podcast to open a window of opportunity for womyn to be able to relate. Womyn of Content will celebrate, uplift and inspire womyn in various walks of life through wellness and mindful discussions.

Our first episode of Womyn of Content, is all about first encounters. We discuss our personal experiences of the time we first felt alienated because of our identity, as well as the first time we felt acceptance or comfortability in our skin. We introduce ourselves starting at (2:40) and then at (12:20) we delve into a discussion about racism on Texas State University’s campus dealing with student body government elections and more. The (20:30) mark, my cohosts and I dive into the main topic of our first episode. We then close the show with a Black History Month themed trivia question.
Feel encouraged to follow our Student Media Soundcloud account and like our Womyn of Content episodes! Check in every Wednesday to participate in our weekly discussions.

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