Orgullo Diversity Showcase

By Joyana Richer
News Reporter

Students, parents and faculty gather together during the annual Orgullo Diversity Showcase on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, in the LBJ ballroom to watch different cultural performances.

The mariachi band played, and there were different styles of dances from various parts of Mexico along with facts from that area posted up on a slide. Even student groups like Bollywood Dance, Ritmo Latino, Korean Culture Club, and the Filipino Student Association participated in the showcase. Most of these showcases were dance performances but some went up to sing some traditional latin music for all to enjoy.

Dance instructor for the Filipino Student Association Robert Vela said the reason why he is so passionate about choreographing dance and gets involved in culturally rich and diverse activities with Texas State University.

“My favorite part of participating in events like the showcase is sharing what I love to do with other people and seeing their reactions to it,” said Vela. “Whether I am dancing or singing in front of a crowd, I could do it all day. I also love seeing other’s talents and cultures that are different from my own. It broadens my perspective on people and the world. ”

He is also a part of seven different organizations and said that it is through events like this that diversity is promoted.

“I feel as if the events that SACA has put on, the guests speakers that come in for different causes and the advertisements from different organizations are the main sources of diversity that I see on campus,” said Vela.

Along with the performances, there was free food, music, and social dancing for everyone to enjoy. Not only are students allowed to show their different cultural background, but it allows others to see and learn about other cultures as well.

International student from the Netherlands Charlotte Christie said it was a good way to promote diversity.

“It was very interesting to see the different cultures and how everyone expresses themselves,” said Christie. “I love how they talk a little bit about the dance before, which I thought that was really cool.”

Multiculturalism and diversity is a concern and of growing importance to Texas State University’s students. As a result the school will be starting an African American and  Latina/o Studies minor in the Fall of 2018 according to President Trauth.

For more facts and connections to diversity related events and resources the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion visit their website. 

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