Texas State recruits new Greek members in the quad

Texas State Greek Life Gets Back on Their Feet

By Ashley Bowerman
News Reporter

Greek life is operating differently this fall after the new policies made by Texas State President Denise Trauth.

In November of 2017 the University suspended all Greek life following the death of 20-year-old Phi Kappa Psi pledge Matthew Ellis. Ellis was the fourth fraternity pledge to die at in the nation last year. Trauth demanded a thorough review of the Greek Affairs system. The new guidelines focus on student safety and a positive Greek culture.

Adam Joiner, coordinator of fraternity and sorority life, said despite the past it’s still an exciting time for fraternity and sorority life at Texas State.

“Right now we are going through a hard time but in the end we will be better in the future,” said Joiner. “We can do better, and we deserve to do better.”

A Potential New Member Orientation is now required by all chapters to educate those rushing about the appropriate recruitment process. To even be considered for membership, students must now have 12 or more credit hours and a GPA of at least 2.5. Greek Affairs is also grading chapters on the amount of community service hours, philanthropy money and achievements they receive. If given a low score, the chapter will be deemed inactive the following academic year.

Texas State sorority bid day 2018
Sorority members express their excitement at the annual bid day ceremony. After weeks of anticipation the girls finally receive bids. Image by Ashley Bowerman

Interfraternity Council President Jake Negvesky said the biggest change is the shorter four week limit to the pledge process.

“Shortening that period and making sure that that program actually has to be approved by the Dean of Students office is going to drastically improve safety,” said Negvesky. “A lot of the things that we didn’t know were happening before in the community we are going to be able to know now.”

Negvesky said being a part of a Greek organization has changed his life for the better. He encourages anyone interested in joining to reach out.

“Please get involved. We are looking for students on this campus who are leaders, who want to make a difference and who want to have resources behind them to make a difference,” said Negvesky.

For more information on the new Greek life guidelines visit their website.

Featured image by Ashley Bowerman.

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