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Philosophy Mixed: Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

By Nick Williams

From the Texas State Department of Philosophy and KTSW, welcome to Philosophy Mixed, the podcast series exploring philosophy and the nature of things. This session considers the philosophy of artificial intelligence and its implications today and in the future.


Facilitators: Rebecca Farinas, Texas State Department of Philosophy; Nick Williams, KTSW

Guests: Mark Graves, University of Notre Dame; Glen Miller, Texas A&M University; Dan Tamir, Texas State Department of Computer Science


Future of Life Institute

“AI Empowerment, Value Alignment, and the Broader Conversation”

FLI president Max Tegmark’s TED Talk on the risks and opportunities of artificial intelligence was released. In the talk, Max separates the real opportunities and threats of artificial intelligence from the myths, describing the concrete steps we should take today to ensure that AI ends up being the best — rather than worst — thing to ever happen to humanity.

Mark Graves, “Shared Moral and Spiritual Development Among Human Personal and Artificially Intelligent Agents,” Theology and Science, 15:3, 333-351.

“History of Women in IT: 6 Female Pioneers in Computer Science,” Purdue University Global, https://www.purdueglobal.edu/blog/information-technology/history-women-information-technology-6-female-computer-science-pioneers/.

Josiah Royce, The Problem of Christianity, Regnery Co., Chicago, 1968.

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