Mill Street construction causes lane closures along part of route.

Mill Street Reconstruction

By Tynisha Jackson
Senior News Reporter

Construction along Mill Street is running from Uhland to the west side of the Thompson apartment complex, creating lane closures that started last November. It’s a part of the city’s reconstruction project that is said to bring stronger waterlines, sidewalks, biking lanes and a signal light at Uhland and Mill street according to Project Manager, Rohit Vij.

Vij also said there was confusion on how to go around the road because it’s become a one-way street while construction is taking place, but that it has now been taken care of.

“We asked San Marcos Police Department to help us with that and now I think it’s going really well. Traffic is going by smoothly,” Vij said.

Phase two of construction will start in May after phase one is complete and the full completion of the project is set for Fall 2019.

Featured image by Tynisha Jackson.

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