This selfie was taken by Chuck Miketinac on site at a then-San Diego Chargers football game

KABB Sports Director Comes to Texas State Campus

By Thomas Mejia
Sports Reporter

Through hard work and consistency, Texas State alumnus Chuck Miketinac established his voice in San Antonio to become a well-known Sports Anchor.

“If I can do it, anybody can do it,” he said. “I wasn’t the most talented kid, I wasn’t the best writer, I wasn’t the best shooter, and I wasn’t the best videotape guy. But I had a will to want to do it.”

Miketinac has been the Sports Director/Anchor for Fox San Antonio’s KABB “Maximum Sports” since 1999. His sports career started in 1988 when he worked for KVTV in Laredo, Texas, by covering the infamous “Tecolotes de los Dos Laredos”. In the media business deadlines are crucial and talking to a sports media class on Thursday, Miketinac made sure the class felt his passion about meeting deadlines.

“If you have been assign a story that day and it falls through, you better come up with something to fill whatever slot somebody put down for you,” Miketinac said. “You show me a reporter that doesn’t make deadlines? I will show you a reporter who is looking for a job.”

Fighting the age of cell phones is a battle with sports media because fans can get news within the palm of their hand. Miketinac stressed to find new stories to bring viewers back.

“New. Now. Next. It’s beaten into our head every single day,” he said. “You got to have stuff that is fresh that you are unearthing for the first time because if someone is watching you want to be able to inform them.”

San Antonio is home for Miketinac which is why he has no plans on leaving KABB, because they also give him the opportunity to create his own content.

Featured image courtesy of Chuck Miketinac.

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