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The Gen Show: O.G. Disney Gems and Holograms

By Jaden Edison and Maria Coraza
Podcast Producers

The Gen Show with Jaden and Maria mixes early-to-mid-00s pop culture, nostalgic references, and happenings in tech & social media.  In each episode, we will basically talk about what’s relevant in this day and age as we reminisce on what our generation grew up with. Overall, The Gen Show aims to strike the conversation of the good ‘ole days and how weird, interesting & convenient the future seems to be heading.

In this week’s episode, we throwback to some Disney channel original movies that had seems to be ahead of its time in regards to children’s programming. We also discuss smart technology that “learns” your voice as well as the idea of bringing the dead back to life via holograms.

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OG Disney movies:

  • “The Color of Friendship” directed by Kevin Hooks
  • “Smart House” directed by LaVar Burton
  • “The Lizzy Miguire Movie” directed by Jim Fall

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