Claws to the Wall in maroon block font with claw marks through it.

Claws to the Wall: Out with the Old, in with the New

By KTSW Sports

The new-look sports podcast of KTSW 89.9 is ready to roll! Witness the crew of Ethan Hunt, Connor MacKinnon, Deshaun Hartley and Garrett Martin dive into the capabilities of Texas State Men’s Basketball.

Guess what? Claws To The Wall is back and better with a jam-packed fifth episode! This show consists of Mark Brown, Deshaun Hartley, Connor MacKinnon and Garrett Martin as they immediately breakdown the closure of men’s basketball and their upcoming season possibilities. The crew then talks about the Texas State softball and baseball teams as they continue their conference play until they eventually dive into some Bobcat spring football and track & field. The crew concludes the episode with some national sports talk, including the NFL, MLB and NBA until they made their NCAA March Madness Final Four predictions.

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