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Educated and Highly Melanated: GRE?

By Constunce Brantley and Tyler Townes

Educated and Highly Melanated is a podcast about what the college experience is. It touches on relationships, social life, school work and how to juggle all of these before stepping out into the real world. Co-hosts Constunce Brantley and Tyler Townes, two individuals with two completely different college experiences, offer their insight and opinions on life as a college student.

On this episode of Educated & Highly Melanated, Tyler and I discuss how to prepare for after college. With Tyler graduating in the summer, we realized how important it is to have a plan after you graduate. We discuss post-grad depression, how to create a plan and the importance of being proactive regarding your plan. College students often have this fear of going back home after college or being broke but we wanted to touch on how all of those things are okay. Our listeners are not the only ones going through these fears and  we wanted to inform our peers that, that’s how majority of us feel. Tune in to hear us unravel the truth!

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