Claws to the Wall in maroon block font with claw marks through it.

Claws to the Wall: Spring 2019 Grand Finale

By KTSW Sports

The new-look sports podcast of KTSW 89.9 is ready to roll! Witness the crew of Ethan Hunt, Connor MacKinnon, Deshaun Hartley and Garrett Martin dive into the capabilities of Texas State Men’s Basketball.

That’ll do for this semester of Claws to The Wall. Mark Brown, Ethan Hunt and Reily Chestnut will no longer be a part of the KTSW Sports crew. Reily and Mark are graduating while Ethan has moved on elsewhere. Claws to The Wall will continue over the summer with a brand new crew. Who will they be? The answer is to be determined. We thank you for riding with us all semester and we hope these first ten episodes made an impact on the future KTSW Sports employees.

The finale crew spends the first 30 minutes discussing Texas State baseball and softball. The next 30 minutes consists of some post NFL draft thoughts along with a breakdown of the NBA playoffs. The final 30 minutes features both Reily and Deshaun ending their four-month “Is Kevin Love a hall of famer?” feud. The two have been going at it with this topic all semester and I believe they’ve finally reached the end game.

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