A small ghost in a cowboy hat sneaking into a doorway.

Knock-Knock Who’s There? It’s Ghosts!: The Gery Witches

By Anne Cox and Sami Dugdale
Podcast Producers

Hosted by Anne Cox and Sami Dugdale, “Knock-Knock Who’s There? It’s Ghosts!” is a ghost-hunting podcast with a full package. I’m talkin’ haunted back stories, actual audio from the ghost hunt, and two girls who are scared way too easily.

We caught a ghost! Kind of! On this episode your co-hosts Anne and Sami with guest star Roxanne Hill, set out on contacting the Gery Witches – a mother and daughter accused and murdered for practicing witchcraft in the 1600s. Were they innocent? Where were they buried? Who’s Helen? Listen and find out!

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