A collage of different nostalgic items and Texas State emblems.

The Gen Show: Sensitivity, For Better or Worse?

By Jaden Edison and Maria Coraza
Podcast Producers

The Gen Show with Jaden and Maria mixes early-to-mid-00s pop culture, nostalgic references, and happenings in tech & social media.  In each episode, we will basically talk about what’s relevant in this day and age as we reminisce on what our generation grew up with. Overall, The Gen Show aims to strike the conversation of the good ‘ole days and how weird, interesting & convenient the future seems to be heading.

In this week’s episode, we converse to answer one overarching question: Did we have more freedom to say and express what we wanted a decade ago? Through topics such as Kevin Hart’s Oscars situation, R. Kelly’s inhumane actions and legal troubles, the social climate of the 2000s decade, whether or not it should be acceptable to hold people accountable for their old tweets and more, the two of us work to find answers — if there actually is a clear one.

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