San Marcos is wearing their purple uniforms as they drive the ball downfield against Laredo who is in the white uniforms with orange helmets.

Rattlers Late-Comeback Comes Up Short Against Longhorns

By Benjamin Draper
Sports Reporter

The San Marcos Rattlers lost their third consecutive regular-season game against the United Longhorns (2-1) by a score of 28-23 on Sept. 13. 

The Rattlers started the game off with the ball and had a productive first couple of offensive drives but were not able to capitalize with any points. After missing a field goal attempt earlier in the game, Daniel Marquez gave the Rattlers an early 3-0 lead with his field goal made towards the end of the first quarter. 

The Rattler defense came out ready to play as they made it difficult for the Longhorn offense to move the ball. The Longhorn’s were not able to pass midfield and get into enemy territory throughout their drives in the first.

Although the Rattler defense played a tough first quarter against the United, the Longhorns rebounded in the second quarter. The offense was led by their senior quarterback Eduardo Huerta as he threw two touchdowns and rushing for another, giving Laredo a 21-3 lead going into the half.

Starting the second half, the Longhorns capitalized on their first drive with the second rushing touchdown of the night from Huerta, as he snuck it in on a pivotal fourth and goal from the one yard line, extending the Longhorn’s lead to 25. 

Late in the third quarter, the Rattlers got into the endzone for the first time of the night with a 19-yard touchdown pass from Alex Garcia to Matt Dixon to cut the Longhorn lead to 28-10.

United’s offense had a hard time moving the ball throughout the fourth quarter, and because of it, the Rattlers started to gain momentum and made a late push to try tying the game. 

Senior wide receiver Takai Madgette was a huge factor late in the game. He exploded with over 150 yards just in the fourth quarter alone. Alex Garcia and Madgette connected for two touchdowns, one going for 88 yards and the other being a 70-yard touchdown that was scored with just a few minutes left.

The Rattlers were not able to hold off the rushing attack late in the fourth quarter and the Longhorns were able to maintain possession and run the clock out on San Marcos. The Rattlers will be home again on Sept. 13, to take on the Hornets of East Central High School. 

You can listen to the game on KTSW 89.9 with pregame coverage beginning at 7:15 p.m.  

Featured image by Josephfer Williams.

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