Jon-Paul Kasper is editing syndicated programs for KTSW in the studio.

Meet the Staff: Jon-Paul Kasper

By Daniel Richter 
Web Content Contributor

KTSW is a part of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication but they do not discriminate when it comes to what major its staff members belong to. In the case of Jon-Paul Kasper, KTSW’s Production Manager, he has ventured over to the KTSW family because of his passion for editing fun/intriguing content and as well bringing ideas his staff comes up with to life. 

Kasper is a Computer Science Major who has been on staff at KTSW for six semesters as well as working on staff over the summer. This is his first semester being the head of the production department.  KTSW’s production department offered him a way to exercise his passion of producing content and allowed him to apply those skills to the real world.

As the Production Manager, Kasper is in charge of editing all the daily syndicated shows that air on 89.9, as well as managing all of the promotions, public service announcements and segments that play on-air. This requires him to work closely with many of the other departments KTSW offers including programming, sports and music departments just to name a few. In order to help/inform the San Marcos and Texas State community about important information through public service announcements, Kasper needs to stay well informed with what is going on around campus and in the San Marcos area.

Kasper has 10 staff members working under him and he guides them though writing scripts for on-air promotions as well as leading them through the editing process. So far, this semester Kasper has found himself working 20 plus hours a week to make sure everything runs as scheduled. This is due to the large amount of sharp deadlines that are required for regularly scheduled syndicated programs and keeping information timely and relevant for KTSW’s audience. 

Man wearing a navy bandana and gray tshirt sits at desk looking at a computer.
Jon-Paul Kasper is editing syndicated programs for KTSW in the studio. Photo by Daniel Richter.

When asked why he loves doing what he does, Kasper said it helped him discover a creative side of himself he didn’t think he had. Because of all the sharp deadlines he needs to manage, Kasper discovered when put under pressure, he is able to produce creative content he never thought he could.

Kasper wants to turn the work he is doing with the production department into a career. He enjoys working hard on projects that require him to be creative as well as applying the technical skills he has learned on the job and other skills he taught himself.

The KTSW family thanks Jon-Paul for everything he does for the station and is excited to see what great content he will help cultivate this school year.

Featured image by Daniel Richter.

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