Bus shuttle route with different lines where the gold indicates the Blanco River route

University Bus Shuttles Detour Around Construction

By Megan Wehring
Senior News Reporter

TXDot and local apartment complexes are working with Transportation Services to change bus routes for student safety. 

The Blanco River shuttle route has updated after a Texas State bus was involved in an accident at the CastleRock apartments near Aquarena Springs Drive last semester.

CastleRock now has a personal shuttle that picks students up in the front and back of the complex. Transportation Services director Steven Herrera says the university and apartment complex are concerned for the students’ safety with buses stopping right off the highway. 

 “I know the complex owner is working on a solution they shared with us to redesign the ability for buses to pull off on the access road. I think once we see that solution go into place, we might possibly be able to serve the area again” Herrera said.

With the year-long Mill Street construction project causing buses to re-route everyday, Herrera says TXDot is accommodating with the university to provide easy access through the construction.

“I think the construction folks are very sensitive to the university and our shuttle needs. As long as we can operate safely through there, then we will continue to operate through those zones and work around those detours” Herrera said.

Transportation Services is looking to make adjustments for the spring, depending on student comments and end-of-semester observations.

Featured image by Megan Wehring.

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