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Dating in your 20s while LGBTQ+: Ask A Friend

By Taitlin Hurd and Maia Barron
Podcast Producers

Ask A Friend with Taitlin Hurd and Maia Barron is a podcast that highlights “normal” everyday people that aren’t so everyday, if you ask the right questions and have the right conversations.

In each episode, we bring in one or more guests and ask them questions pertaining to their interests, personality, title and more. Overall, Ask A Friend aims to spread awareness, entertain and educate our audience about the different communities, spaces, and societies as a whole. Welcome! We’re all friends here. 

On this episode of Ask A Friend, we talk about love, relationships and dating in your 20s with our two friends from the LGBTQ+ community: Barry Velez and Raven Williams.

Our guests share their coming out stories and experiences. From dating apps to past relationships, get to know all about the dating problems that are unique to the LGBTQ+ community and how they compare to your dating stories. 

Featured image by KTSW Multimedia.

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