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Texas State Implements Emergency Pass Grades

By Tiger Shi
Junior News

SAN MARCOS – University administrators at Texas State announced by email that there will be changes to the final grades system for the remainder of the spring semester.

After final grades are posted, students have until May 25 to notify professors requesting an emergency pass grade if needed. The student must have passed the course in order to make such a request. 

This change was made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic after other universities changed their grading systems and Texas State students had petitioned for a 4.0 Pass/Fail grading system. 

Hope Harrell, international studies student, said she was satisfied with the administration’s decision because she believed it was a compromise between the pass/fail system and the merit-based system. 

“It maintained the integrity of our university’s education quality and quantity,” Harrell said. “But yet still allows grace for students who do have hard times with online courses.”

The emergency pass grade will not impact students’ GPA; however, it will impact students who took perquisite courses as well as academic standing in general. 

“I don’t think it would affect me at all. My lowest grade will not require me to ask for an EP,” Harrell said. “If I was taking science courses then I probably would need it. But fortunately, I am not taking any right now.”

Harrell believed the administration made an appropriate decision. The emergency pass grade modifications are only limited to this semester’s courses.

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