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B2SB: Residency and Roommates

todayAugust 16, 2020 9

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By Gena Sysavath
Web Content Contributor

As a new student to any university, I am sure there are many types of questions crossing through your mind. Well, if you are thinking about your rooming situation, then this article is for you.

I am going to give you some pointers on how to choose and act upon your new residence and roommates.

Campus living

Living on campus can be a blessing or curse for many students, depending on where you decide to live and who you are living with. By living on or close to campus can go well with the idea that you will have everything you need close by. Choosing a place near the classes you will mainly be going to or maybe living right next to a grocery store and fast food, so you do not have to go out of your way for food. 

For some, living on the campus can be really fun. You can meet new people and make new connections that could help you in your future. Or explore the university without wasting too much breath from walking all the hills. 

Choosing a place

Are you having trouble choosing a place to live? If you can, go visit the apartments or dorms you think that you want to live in and go ask questions. If you are not able to visit, research the places, email or call the office and ask for a virtual tour. You are not being bothersome; it is their job to inform you as best as they can to help you choose a place. Considering you are going to be living at this place for at least a year, you might as well choose a place you somewhat like. 

If you already have roommates in mind, choose a place that you all agree on. Try to keep in mind everyone wants and needs and choose accordingly to all of you. If you guys cannot agree on anything, probably not best to be rooming with one another.


The people you end up living with can either make or break your year at school. If you have a great roommate, someone you may know already or even a stranger who ends up being your new best friend, having a roommate will be fun. However, there can be a problem if you are not able to get along with your roommate because you just cannot vibe with them. 

If you decide to choose a friend for your roommate, make sure you guys are actually compatible as roommates. If you are a neat person, who consistently likes having a clean space to come home to and a quiet area to study, maybe you should not be living with your friend that likes to party and loves to be a slob when they get home.

You guys might be great as friends, but you will end up hating each other if you end up as roommates. If you are to choose a friend or someone you know, just pick someone that has a similar living space as you; it makes things easier.

Now of course, if you are like me, who went to a university without knowing anyone and would have to room with total strangers, the above paragraph does not apply to you. There is a chance you would at least get roommate matching; a little quiz that lets you pick and choose what qualities your future roommate might have.

If you do have to take a matching, just be honest. It will make it easier for the people who look over your application to be able to match you with the best person possible that will fit your habits. If you are lucky, you can literally have a new friend waiting to meet you in your shared space.

That being said, there are a lot of occasions where the roommates just do not get along. There are just some people you will not be able to vibe with. Your personalities just do not mesh well and that is okay. You can do things and try to make it as painless as possible to live with one another. Create boundaries and have roommate rules to establish what is wanted in the shared space. Worst comes to worst, go to the office or your RA and ask them to help with the roommate situation if it just seems like you can not do anything to get along.

Whatever you decide to do for your living and roommate situation, you are the one that will have to make the most of your time in college. College is the time to literally figure yourself out on your own, therefore, choose the people and place you want to surround yourself with carefully. Come in with an open mind and have fun.

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