B2SB: Joining Student Media

By Brittany Anderson
Assistant Web Content Manager

Two years ago, I was a transfer student coming from a community college and a small hometown. In many ways, the transition made me feel like I wasn’t having the “typical” college experience.

It was pretty intimidating being thrown onto a campus of nearly 40,000 students with so many clubs and organizations to choose from, especially because everyone tells you to join as many as possible so you can make friends and beef up your resume.

As a journalism major, KTSW was one potential student media organization for me to join. The idea was exciting, but I had a lack of confidence in my abilities. I was also nervous about seeking it out because I didn’t know much about the station, and I felt like I had missed out on joining earlier with everyone else.

As I sit here and write this— the last thing I’ll write for KTSW since I’m a graduating senior— I reflect on one of my biggest takeaways: since joining in May 2019, I wish I had gotten over my fears and joined sooner.

Whether you’re a mass comm student or not, there’s a place for you at KTSW. With ten departments to choose from (and the ability to work in up to three at a time, plus opportunities for advanced positions), there’s so much more to KTSW than being a voice on the radio.

Aside from it looking good on your resume (which never hurts), being a part of student media provides you with the opportunity to do important and compelling work within the local, national and even global community.

Here, you’re able to get hands-on experience in a relatively low-risk environment: professors and other professionals are nearby for guidance or assistance, but the bulk of the responsibilities are placed on the students, providing a realistic feel of the “real world.”

Most importantly, it’s fun. Student media provides you with a deep sense of creative freedom while helping to build your portfolio and expand your network. You’re surrounded by other people your age, running departments and creating diverse content with them. Being a part of something like KTSW means you become part of a family.

Push past your doubts and apply so you can take these experiences with you forever. You definitely won’t regret your decision. Be sure to tune in to KTSW’s Back to School Broadcast from August 16 to 19 for more ways of navigating the upcoming school year.

Featured image by KTSW Multimedia.

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