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Interview With KTSW Web Content Manager

By Andrea Mau
Web Content Contributor

College radio day is a little known holiday celebrated by college radio stations across the nation. During this time staff likes to appreciate the opportunities KTSW provides for us students. We also like to acknowledge all the hard work the departments have put in together and the amazing contributions we have made to the Texas State campus and San Marcos community.

Friday I interviewed Piper Blake, the Web Content Manager at KTSW. Together we discussed Blake’s favorite aspects of KTSW, her goals for the future of the blog, and improvements that could be made to our college radio station.

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Andrea Mau via Canva

Andrea Mau: What is your role at KTSW and what does it entail?

Piper Blake: My role here at KTSW is Web Content Manager. Anything that goes on I’m in charge of: The content, the videos, making sure everything is organized [and] formatted correctly, making sure that everyone is doing their jobs on my staff, making sure articles get posted on time, managing WordPress, [etc].

It’s entailing a lot. Everything you see on the blog is on me and my staff. We’re working hard to get content out there for the Texas State campus and San Marcos community.

AM: How did you become involved with KTSW?

PB: KTSW came to my Mass Comm Intro class. They went over how the blog is an important part of KTSW. I was interested in writing and in a journalistic style experience so I decided to try it out.

AM: How has working at KTSW developed your professional and academic life?

PB: I think it’s fed into my experience as a writer. I’m a Mass Comm major so everything that I’ve taken in my classes like Media Writing, News Writing, and Editing has pushed me towards becoming a better writer and I’ve been able to show that experience through KTSW.

But also having the articles I have to edit every week [and] making sure I’m using those skills so that every person’s articles are formatted for AP style [and] my journalistic editing is up to par for what it should be. KTSW has given me an outlet to practice my skills.

Andrea Mau via Canva

AM: What’s the best thing about KTSW?

PB: The best thing I would say is the environment and what we offer.

Everybody I work with [is] unique. They all have their own skill sets. We’re all driven to be better in our own fields. Whether you’re a music journalist or on-air we are all passionate about what we do and having so many people that are open-minded and coming up with fresh ideas is so exciting and such a great environment to work in.

I think being an outlet for other college students is inspiring [because] everyone’s going through the same thing at KTSW. Everybody’s struggling so it’s nice to be able to express [that] and be able to connect with a broader community through our own experiences.

AM: How do you think KTSW could improve?

PB: I think we could improve who we are reaching. We are the Other Side of Radio and we are that indie radio station so not everybody relates to what we are doing on-air especially [because] we don’t play the top 10 hits.

We don’t stick to mainstream topics. We reach for that unique atmosphere and perspective. So sometimes I think we need to bring it in a little bit and focus it towards broad aspects and mainstream topics to reach a broader audience.

We wanna reach as many people as possible and get people involved with us and sometimes it’s hard because we scare people away with all of our hippie perspectives.

Pureple, and blue background with antenna and person reporting
Andrea Mau via Canva

AM: What are your goals/plans for the future of KTSW?

My goal is to come up with new ideas and keep pushing the envelope on what we can come up with. My staff this year have been so good at coming up with ideas I’ve never thought of and making sure that [they]’re reaching for those off-the-wall topics that anybody can be interested in but no one has voiced ever before.

It’s super cool and I wanna be able to keep having new ideas come to us. At the same time, I wanna make sure that we are staying an informative community [and] make people stay interested in what we’re doing.

I want to make sure that we are getting views and we are getting people reading our articles [because] sometimes I feel like we don’t get enough exposure. I feel like that’s totally unfair for how hard we work all the time.

AM: If there’s one thing people should know about college radio or KTSW, what would it be?

The one thing they should know [about] KTSW or college radio in general is that it’s not just one department. So many people [are] involved to make a station happen. You have the music department, the web content department, programming, production, anybody who makes the commercials that go on air, [etc].

It’s inspiring how hard we work for our community and our college because we are all so passionate about what we’re doing and we just want to make an impact as much as possible and have that media accessible.

College radio is important. It’s like having a news station. You don’t want to come in and not have information given to you. It’s the same thing with college radio. We’re trying to be an outlet for the community. It’s all about connection, I guess.

AM: Is there a question I should have asked or any other comments?

I think that KTSW should be more broadcasted by the university because we do so much. The University Star is amazing. Their website is beautiful and I think that they are a really great outlet for the university but they’re the only thing that’s really talked about.

We’re online that’s where everybody is so why isn’t the blog more widely spread out? KTSW does so much. College radio is hard and an amazing aspect of the university so I’m surprised it’s not more acknowledged.

Featured Image by KTSW Multimedia Department

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