The Stellar Coffee logo with the words "be a good human" with a floral design

A Little About Stellar Coffee Co.

By Katie Krupinski
Community Relations

Stellar Coffee Co. is an ethically sourced coffee shop located in downtown San Marcos. The demographic of people that visit this coffee shop is based on college students.

Due to its welcoming and cozy atmosphere, this is an infamous spot for students to study and hang out at leisure.

This craft coffee shop never gets comfortable staying in the same spot and always strives to reinvent their company. The way this business improves their drinks is by regularly bringing in new types of coffee and espressos beans. Stellar Coffee Co. chooses to only partner with local roasters that ethically source their coffee beans and can provide the farmers with enough money to live.

During every major season, Stellar Coffee Co. will add four new drinks to their menu for a limited time, and it will include one non-coffee option. A recommendation for one of their new Spring menu drinks is Sakura: a white chocolate breve latte with cherry flavoring.

The most classic drink to order at their coffee shop is their white chocolate mocha. If you have never been to Stellar before, I recommend this drink since it is an easy transition from other coffee shops.

For more information on the menu, hours, and location, visit Stellar Coffee co. and follow them on Instagram at @stellarcoffeeco.

Featured Image by Olivia Wilkins 

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