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By Lou Wharton

Blog Content Contributor

A picture of the exterior of One & Only Tattoo Shop, a black building with large windows and a red door. On the perimeters of the image, there is a tree blossoming with small pink flowers.
One & Only Tattoo hopes to be the city’s one-stop tattoo shop. | Image courtesy of One & Only Tattoo

One & Only Tattoo, located at 173 S. LBJ Drive, San Marcos, hopes to be the city’s one-stop tattoo shop. In addition to piercings, One & Only Tattoo currently sponsors a multitude of incredible artists, each with a unique and impressive style. A summary of their styles can be found below, but it’s also highly recommended to check out their portfolios using the link in the shop’s Instagram bio (@oneandonlytattoo).

Daniel Love, the owner of the shop, specializes in color realism. “His tattoos have been known to trick the eye, they’re that realistic,” said a representative from One & Only Tattoo. Vanessa (@tattoos_by_vanessa on Instagram) works primarily with a colorful and bold neo-traditional style, as well as working with lettering and fine line tattoos.

Daniel Navarro, also known as KD (@kd3tattoos on Instagram), works with black and gray realism and sacred geometry styles, whereas fellow artist Myra D. (@myradtattoos on Instagram) specializes in a style described as “prismatic, dreamy, illustrative realism.”

Maggie (@maggieangulotattoo on Instagram) specializes in delicate fine line work, and favors subjects such as botanicals, inanimate objects, anime and more. Carley (@belovedhorizon_studio on Instagram) works with black and gray tattoos and has a similar soft spot for flora and fauna.

Finally, artist Nick specializes in bold traditional and florid lettering styles, as well as fine line.

It’s easy to say, then, that One & Only Tattoo has something for everyone. But what’s the actual process of booking a tattoo or piercing with One & Only like? I spoke to a representative from One & Only Tattoo to find out more.

Lou: So, what’s the process like for booking an appointment with One & Only Tattoo?

One & Only: Booking appointments is done through our Instagram! Each of our artists are linked there and their portfolios are accessible so that anyone can check them out. From there, you can message whoever you resonate with the most, either through email or by direct message through Instagram. Each artist has a preference on how they would like to be contacted, so be sure to read their bio! You can also come into the shop as a walk-in to get an in-person consultation!

Lou: What should I know before I decide to get a piercing?

One & Only: We carry implant grade titanium and 18kt and 14kt gold, as well as genuine precious stones. All our jewelry is high quality and contains zero nickel – which is one of the most common metal allergens. We honor the safety and autonomy of everyone who enters and is thinking of getting a piercing. We center our piercing practices around education so that everyone is well-informed and has more awareness when it comes to decision making. Before any piercing, we perform anatomy checks so that your piercing has the best chance at healing.

Lou: Are there any piercings you won’t do?

One & Only: There’s certain piercings we don’t perform, such as snake eyes, smileys, dermal and industrials. Both snake eyes and smileys cause damage to the gums and teeth and can be extremely harmful to one’s oral health and hygiene. Dermal and industrials have a high rejection rate. With industrials specifically, most people don’t have the anatomy to get the traditional one. We recommend doing your research on a shop that specializes in them so that you get one safely.

Lou: Finally, what advice do you have for anyone getting a tattoo for the first time?

One & Only: It’s extremely important to eat and be well hydrated before getting a tattoo. Since it’s your first one, you want to be as relaxed and ready to go as possible so that the process goes well, and you have a good experience. We all care about the client’s experience here and want them to feel at ease and comfortable. Making sure you eat also helps if you happen to feel faint. Your blood pressure can waver, so it’s important that you have something in your system before your tattoo in case you might feel a little woozy. It’s also important not to use any numbing creams. You don’t know how it’ll interact with the ink, and you could possibly be allergic to the ingredients. Numbing cream has also been known to change the structure of the skin, which ultimately makes it harder for the ink to deposit into the skin, making for a more challenging tattoo.

Whether you’re looking for a tattoo or a piercing, One & Only Tattoo is the place to go. The San Marcos location is at 173 S. LBJ Drive, San Marcos, and their hours can be viewed on their website,

Written by: Cayla Soriano

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  1. Anonymous on August 30, 2023

    Let’s not forget about Brad Nugent whose artwork is just spot on for making your vision a reality. I go there just for his work. It’s amazing and I hope all would at least check out his page @bradicaltattoo

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