SMHS Rattlers Voluntary Workouts Are Setting the Tone Early

By Russell Ramsey
Sports Reporter

Jose Hernandez-Photo Cred-Russell Ramsey
Jose Hernandez. Photo by Russell Ramsey.

The San Marcos High School Rattlers football team is displaying their dedication through their voluntary summer workout program. During the hottest days of summer, the Rattlers are coming to their practice facility on their own.

With no coaches present, the Rattler football players are organizing full scrimmages in their indoor practice facility.

“Last week, we had enough out here to go one’s and two’s,” said Cade Stanley, class of 2017 quarterback and receiver. These voluntary practices can set the tone for the Rattler’s season early.

“We’re gonna try to make a good playoff run and we think the district championship is going to come down to the last game between us and Bowie High School,” said Stanley.

Ramsey Tijerina-Photo Cred-Russell Ramsey
Ramsey Tijerina (Photo by Russell Ramsey)

The Rattler’s also lift weights in their player-run practices. Class of 2017 guard Jose Hernandez is no stranger to the weight room. In addition to being a starting offensive lineman, Hernandez is an All-State powerlifter, squatting over 600 pounds. Despite powerlifting and football being vastly different sports, Hernandez is able to relate his experiences powerlifting to the gridiron.

“Whenever you’re powerlifting, it’s one on one, just you against the bar, and you have to compete and in a team sport, it’s you and all your brothers out there and you just have to compete,” said Hernandez.

Voluntary summer workouts can be a trust building exercise themselves.

“It shows who’s really committed and who’s not going to be here when coach isn’t here telling us what to do,” said Ramsey Tijerina, class of 2017 offensive lineman.

The drive of the 2017 Rattler football team is evident in their work ethic this summer. Even without coaches, they are managing to get better every day.

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