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Two women are shown. One is sitting while the other is standing. The woman that’s standing is smiling as she leans over the woman sitting down. The woman sitting down is frowning, clearly displeased by what the girl standing over her is saying.


Colorism-The Mixed Perspective

My First Experience with Colorism It was July of 2019 – the summer before I would leave for college. The little girl I befriended down the street had knocked on my door, asking if I could come out and meet her cousins. Outside waiting were six little boys between the ages of 7-13, along with an 11-year-old girl who seemed shy and quiet. Once the boys noticed me, however, they […]

todayOctober 5, 2022 16


Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and the Rise of Video Game Adaptations

By:Jared Dudley If you've browsed Netflix in search of something to watch in the past two weeks, you've probably scrolled past the streaming service's latest high profile animated video game adaptation Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. The show landed on September 13th on a platform familiar with the mass appeal of an anime attached to a popular video game franchise. Way back in 2017, Castlevania, an anime adapted from the long-running gothic horror […]

todayOctober 3, 2022 83 3

An assortment of Littlest Pet Shops.


Childhood Nostalgia: The Best Toys and Games From The Early 2000’s

By Camryn Cole Web Content Contributor As a 20-year-old college student, I often forget about the objects I was passionate about when I was a child. Nowadays, my life consists of work, school, TikTok and spending time with friends. Although some of these components were around when I was younger, I remember being obsessed with certain toys and forms of entertainment from my childhood. I haven’t experienced this kind of […]

todaySeptember 29, 2022 21

The photo features a white silk background. There are two hands holding a Nintendo Switch. The switch has blue and purple joycons, and the screen shows the title screen for Stardew Valley. There are green trees behind the brown lettering.


Five Cozy Games for Fall

By Hannah Walls  Web Content Assistant Although Texas weather clearly hasn’t gotten the memo yet, Sept. 22 officially marked the first day of fall. I’m choosing to ignore the clear skies and scalding heat outside my window and instead release the fluffy cardigans, pumpkin vanilla scented candles and homemade tomato soup. That means it’s also time to indulge in some video games to pair with my newfound spirit of autumn! […]

todaySeptember 27, 2022 351 3

An essential character in the movie, Set It Up, is shown sitting at her desk while in the process of working as a serious expression adorns her face.


The Toxic Cycle of Hustle Culture

By Amaya Lewis Web Content Contributor College – a time when young adults come to have fun while simultaneously bearing the weight of overwhelming pressures to perform. Whether from family members, friends, social media or personal expectations, most, if not all of us, have heard or felt the need to hustle until exhausted and accomplish what many take a lifetime to do by the time we’re 25. On social media, […]

todaySeptember 25, 2022 44 6 2

The photo features a yellow background with small black and white flowers. On top of the fabric, there is a workout set of blue biker shorts and a blue and white checkered sports bra. Next to the shorts, there is a pair of black headphones with a pink water bottle beneath it. The water bottle has a KTSW 89.9 logo sticker on it and a sticker of a witch holding a cat above it. Beneath the water bottle, there is a pair of white and gray Adidas sneakers.


Mastering the Art of the “Hot Girl Walk”

By Hannah Walls  Web Content Assistant I used to be a runner. I hated it. I’m not just talking about my brief stint as a 100-meter hurdles competitor in middle school; that lasted about one semester before I realized I and my tendency to trip over my own feet constantly were better off in the band hall than on the track. I’m talking about forcing myself out of the house […]

todaySeptember 15, 2022 31 2

A view of Laurel and Mesquite Hall on North LBJ Dr in San Marcos, Texas.


Five Tips for Thriving in Student Housing

By Celeste Parler Web Content Contributor Living in temporary student housing is a necessity for the majority of college students. Texas State requires most new freshmen to live on campus, given there are enough spaces to house them. Living on campus was overall a beneficial experience for me because I was able to be close to my classes and food options, but for many students, living in a residence hall […]

todaySeptember 13, 2022 30

Bold, white, all-caps center text, reads “DETROIT”. The “O” in “Detroit” is a glowing LED. The LED represents the external feedback component, attached to the temple of each android. Beneath“DETROIT”, the subtitle reads “BECOME HUMAN” in a small white, all-cap, font. The background is a series of overlapping rhombi, in various shades of blue.


AI: Close to Human

By Sofia Psolka Web Content Contributor The year is 2038; the latest political, sociological turmoil: artificial intelligence has acquired sentience! Andromorphic androids walk the same street as you, work the same jobs as you and even feel the same emotions as you... but do you treat it as you would a biological, organic, human? What if a close friend of yours comes out as an android—would you view it as […]

todaySeptember 11, 2022 61 2

The main characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender are shown exchanging a group hug, smiling and looking at each other fondly.


Why Avatar: The Last Airbender is a Masterpiece

By Amaya Lewis Web Content Contributor In the wake of the announcement that there will be three Avatar movies released, it feels important to touch on the series that started it all. Given that it was released in 2005, Avatar: The Last Airbender’s ability to stand the test of time, remaining a beloved show to old and new viewers while generating a spin-off series with three movies on the way, […]

todaySeptember 7, 2022 60 14

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