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How College Culture Tells Us Alcoholism Doesn’t Exist

By Ally BolenderWeb Content Contributor You’ve seen it in movies and television: the passed-out students with drawings on their faces. You’ve heard the excuses, “We’re in college! This is what it’s all about!” You’ve been into the apartments with empty liquor bottles shown-off on top of cabinets and walls covered with cardboard boxes of beer. You’ve seen it perpetuated in media, “You can retake a class, but you can’t relive […]

todayJuly 11, 2019 29

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April: Alcoholism Awareness Month

By Caden Ziegler Web Content Contributor April has a ton of national observances, but I would like to focus on one: Alcoholism Awareness. There are countless charities, but it can be difficult separating which ones actually do good and are beneficial to the cause. Here, I’ve outlined a couple charities that I think have great mission statements and use the money they are given effectively. Amy Winehouse Foundation One such […]

todayApril 17, 2019 10

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More; More; MORE! Could It Be Addiction?

By Jourdan Bazley Blog Content Contributor Addiction can be a hard thing to realize, especially if it is you that is falling into this revolving door. Addiction may not be defined in our minds quite correctly, so before we dive into this conversation there is a differentiation that is important for you to recognize. First, a mistake that is easy to make is calling a habit an addiction. As we are […]

todayFebruary 24, 2017 15

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Misconceptions of Alcohol

By Edgardo Hernandez Blog Content Contributor Drinking alcohol has become a modern day norm for those in college and older. If you don’t join in on this standard, you tend to be looked down upon by everyone surrounding you. Non-drinkers are often given a reputation of being delicate or boring, which eventually may lead others to drink in order to avoid feeling excluded from a group. This is how peer pressure […]

todayFebruary 17, 2017 25


Alcohol to Come to Bobcat Stadium

By Sean Mitchell News Reporter After a successful test to bring alcohol to baseball and softball games last semester, Texas State will be selling alcohol at home football games as well. Students will be able to choose from a variety of beer and wine, which include, but are not limited to, Miller Light, Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra and a few craft brews like Hopadillo and Ziegenbock. When asked what […]

todaySeptember 21, 2016 80


Bobcats Can Expect Alcohol Sales Beginning Next Month

By Taylor Zavala News Director Texas State University will start selling beer and wine at Bobcat Ballpark beginning February 12. Kickoff for the alcohol sales will commence at the start of softball season when the Bobcats will play Abilene Christian University. Baseball fans can expect alcohol sales to begin February 19 where Texas State will be hosting Washington State. A university spokesperson says the beer and wine selections will be […]

todayJanuary 28, 2016 32


Party Buses in San Marcos

By: Eryka Villarreal KTSW News Party buses in San Marcos are a form of transportation for people to travel to and from Austin and San Antonio. This transportation service can be seen as a safer alternative to drinking and driving. Due to the ordinance the city is working on, companies such as Five Star Entertainment, Skyline, Lonestar, and other companies could be at risk, if any, for open container and minor […]

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