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Doing More with Less Maximizes Productivity

By Amanda Hill Blog Content Contributor Have you ever looked for guidance on the internet? With the amount of resources available to us it can be easy to not know where to begin. Just a simple Google search results in pages and pages of information. I think I have read about 50+ articles on how to write a proper blog post, each describing the “proper way” a little differently. The reality is, […]

todayOctober 10, 2016 3

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Advice from a College Senior

By Amanda Hill Blog Content Contributor I will be the first to admit as a senior that your college experience will be a huge milestone in your life. The people you will meet and experience you will have will be incomparable to any other chapter in your life. Every senior will accumulate a list of things they wish they could do differently through their journey in college. Not being wrapped up […]

todaySeptember 14, 2016 8

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Start the Semester off Right with Student Resources at Texas State

By Amanda Hill Blog Content Contributor Congratulations, you made it through the hardships of preparing for college and are now a proud Bobcat. Are you excited?! I remember the thrill and anticipation of my first semester at college and know the weariness that comes along with starting a new chapter in your life.  But, not to worry.  Texas State has a handful of resources to help you get on your […]

todayAugust 29, 2016 36

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How to Create the Perfect Pitch

By Amanda Hill Blog Content Contributor James Hughes once said, “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” At some point we will all come across the task of having to influence someone. Effectively communicating in a way that will inspire people to believe us will require a great deal of strategy. Typically, people loose focus when not exposed immediately to the purpose of a pitch. Keep in mind […]

todayAugust 11, 2016 22

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How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

By Amanda Hill Blog Content Contributor What defines a person as an entrepreneur? A founder of a start up… innovator of a new product. While these thoughts come to mind, our perceptions should expand to a new magnitude of what represents an entrepreneur.   The truth is, all of us have the potential to become an entrepreneur, regardless of our doubt to lead and take risks. All it takes is a mind […]

todayAugust 8, 2016 8

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How to Achieve the 10,000 Hour Rule

By Amanda Hill Blog Content Contributor The famous 10,000 rule… what is it…and how do we go about accomplishing such a thing?Good news… it is not as daunting as it seems.  Obtaining self-discipline and breaking this enormous block of time into chunks will allow this process seem achievable. Influencers, such as Bill Gates, didn’t complete college, but became a billionaire.  This desire could be true for all of us!  With desire, persistence, and dedication, […]

todayAugust 2, 2016 11

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How to Brainstorm as a Creative

By Amanda Hill Blog Content Contributor How many times have you stared at a blank computer screen not knowing where to begin? Originality is hard to achieve, and we could all use all the help we can get.  Welcoming various perspectives and opinions will open the door to a world of possibilities.  Brainstorming is a technique to derive ideas once you come across a roadblock.  Brainstorming allows you to open […]

todayAugust 1, 2016 11

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The Role Confidence Plays in Your Personal Success

By Amanda Hill Blog Content Contributor Struggling in my fifth grade math tutoring lesson, I was told one day I will love math.  These words still resonate with me to this day.  To my surprise, I chose Computer Information System and Quantitative Methods as a major.  Yep, you guessed it, a whole lot of numbers are involved.  So how did choosing a career in an area that is not my […]

todayJuly 26, 2016 10

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Proof That Internships Are Worthwhile

By Amanda Hill Blog Content Contributor How many of us are 100% confident in the career path we have chosen for ourselves?  I’ll be surprised if any of us can attest to that.  With so many different career paths out there, it can be overwhelming to figure out the best career for us.  It’s a good idea to try and experience the ones that interest us the most, and the […]

todayJuly 25, 2016 3

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