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Problematic Celebs: Should We Continue to Support Them?

By Jenise Jackson Blog Content Contributor Well, here we are entering the month of May. We haven’t even made it halfway through the year and plenty of problematic public figures are making headlines. Unfortunately for me, some of these individuals have been people I admire or support. But with these artists saying and doing things that others would find offensive or abnormal (or having done so in the past), the […]

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Celebrities Are People

By Joshua Morrison Blog Content Contributor Originally published on April 19, 2016. It’s easy to forget that celebrities are people, isn’t it? When we go to the grocery store, we see their faces splattered all over magazines with headlines that tell us all kinds of truths and lies about their lives. We get intimate peeks into their lives that are only sometimes authorized. They are the subject of conversation across […]

todayJune 23, 2016 6

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