KTSW Sports: Week 4 Media Luncheon

Sports Check out what Coach Fran, Coach Conway, Tyler Arndt and Jason McLean had to say at the weekly media luncheon. A side note, just because Tyler Arndt was present, does not indicate that Arndt will start over Rutherford this week against SFA. Coach Fran http://youtu.be/7kBRxwMsD_o Coach Conway http://youtu.be/Ctm_Rkewv5Q Jason McLean http://youtu.be/xjZZF1cBccc Tyler Arndt http://youtu.be/anwc9OOAZqo Continue reading KTSW Sports: Week 4 Media Luncheon

View from the sidelines: Week one preview

KTSW Sports The Texas State Bobcats kick off the 2012 season in Houston Saturday. This year is a groundbreaking one for Texas State’s athletic department and especially the football team. First season as a FBS football team, first and only season in the Western Athletic Conference, and a newly renovated stadium designed to hold up to 30,000 fans. There has been so much excitement surrounding the football team and the upcoming Texas Tech game that it is a concern the Bobcats are overlooking week one. Earlier this week, Coach Franchione addressed the media assuring that is not the case. Fran … Continue reading View from the sidelines: Week one preview