Breaking: Dennis Franchione Steps Down as Head Coach


Texas State University Head Football Coach Dennis Franchione will be stepping down this week after his 3-9 season finish.

ESPN reports, Franchione will be retiring from coaching football after spending 5 seasons coaching the Bobcats.

As former head coach for Southwest Texas State during 1990-91, Franchione returned in 2011 to smooth the transition for Texas State from the Western Athletic Conference to the Sunbelt Conference.

Franchione also spent 5 years coaching Texas A&M, 3 years coaching Texas Christian University, 2 years coaching Alabama and 6 years coaching New Mexico. He also spent time at Southwestern College and Pittsburg State.

However, the 2015 season was Franchione’s worst finish, where the Bobcats ended 10th in the Sun Belt standings.

Texas State Alumna Lexi Hall believes Coach Franchione leaving is in Texas State’s best interests, saying “He did a good job for the time being, but at the end of the day Coach Fran struggled to give Texas State the football season they deserved. I’m not sure how the search for a new head coach will go but I can’t say I didn’t see this coming.”

However, one Texas State football player described hearing the news as an ambivalent feeling, emphasizing, “Honestly when I first heard about him stepping down I was having mixed emotions, however it was his call and I felt that he believed it was the right thing to do.”

Franchione originally signed a 5 year extension contract before the 2013 season began, and will leave Texas State with 2 years remaining on the table.


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