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A computer with a chart and the words "Cash" in green on top of a green background with gears


Cash: Episode 6

By Juan GarciaPodcast Producer The hosts discuss benefits for part time workers. Caden Mays interviews Dr. Floyd Quinn, Assistant Professor of Practice at McCoy College of Business Administration. Featured Image by KTSW Multimedia

todayJune 27, 2021 26

A large letter P and a large letter C shown right next to each other on a black background with the title player’s circle written below the large letters


Players Circle: Episode 6

By Josiah BlackwoodPodcast Producer Players Circle is a podcast designed for any and every one to enjoy. Players Circle is a podcast based around real life topics of the day. On Players Circle no subject is taboo and no thought is held back. The game can get stressful, come kick it with us in the player's circle.  In this episode of Players Circle the Podcast, Jo $upreme recaps the semester, and shares his thoughts on the COVID-19 vaccine.   Featured […]

todayMay 17, 2021 78


Roundtable: Episode 6

By Calvin Miller & Tiger ShiPodcast Manager & News Director https://soundcloud.com/user-617936344/lockdowns-2020 In this episode of Roundtable, Calvin and Tiger have guest Dan D'Avello on to discuss the lockdowns of 2020. They dive into the way this affected the entire economy, people's mental well-being, jobs, and suicides. The news isn't all bad, many positives did come out of last year as well. Calvin, Tiger and Dan all discuss what they thought of the lockdowns. […]

todayApril 13, 2021 16

road that leads toward a horizon surrounded by green hills and a car on the road. with history of the hill country across the image


History of the Hill Country Ep. 6: San Marcos

By Calvin MillerPodcast Manager In this episode of History of the Hill Country, Calvin dives into the history of San Marcos, Texas, the home of our wonderful school, Texas State University. Tune in as Calvin brings us up to date about what made this town! Featured image by KTSW Multimedia.

todayApril 8, 2021 36

This is an image of a Bitcoin


Calvinomics: Episode 6

By Calvin MillerPodcast Manager Socialism is a topic we in the United States have been hearing about more and more in recent years. However, the core idea of socialism originated in the mid 1800’s in response to the industrial revolution. In this episode, Calvin Miller will be talking about the basics of what socialism is as well as how countries operate under a socialist government. This is part I of […]

todayOctober 21, 2020 27

A collage of different nostalgic items and Texas State emblems.


The Gen Show: No More N00dz

By Jaden Edison and Maria CorazaPodcast Producers The Gen Show with Jaden and Maria mixes early-to-mid-00s pop culture, nostalgic references, and happenings in tech & social media.  In each episode, we will basically talk about what’s relevant in this day and age as we reminisce on what our generation grew up with. Overall, The Gen Show aims to strike the conversation of the good ‘ole days and how weird, interesting & convenient the […]

todayJune 30, 2019 62

Green arms with claws hold onto the bars of a cell. Yellow glowing eyes are in shadow.


Goblins of Wrath: Abducted

By Jon-Paul KasperPodcast Producer Goblins of Wrath is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast in which three adventurers make their way through a fantastical world in which the choices of the players drive the development of both the story and the world itself. Will they become heroes of the land or will they become the villains that everyone fears? Find out as the host, and Dungeon Master, Jon-Paul Kasper narrates the […]

todayJune 20, 2019 20

A slice of pizza on a white background

Other Side Drive

Pizza Time!: Episode 6

By Daniel RichterOther Side Drive Host Pizza lovers rejoice! Join DJDirtyDan as he visits all the most talked about pizza establishments in San Marcos. He’ll give you his unbiased opinion on which places have the best atmosphere, taste and value. Be prepared to get hungry as you tune into Pizza Time!

todayMay 17, 2019 49

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