Free Speech on College Campuses

By Kaitlyn Benacquisto SELRES_6bb92c8c-71ef-4c5a-b254-69153c698b34SELRES_c1fd23cc-986f-44df-ae35-24c8c76a0f57SELRES_6b6a4e4a-8319-476d-a770-4a65e3321b88SELRES_845562bf-7546-4fc3-b31d-1011e3f57483SELRES_916c22ac-b24e-43b3-99a8-db250cca5562News ReporterSELRES_916c22ac-b24e-43b3-99a8-db250cca5562SELRES_845562bf-7546-4fc3-b31d-1011e3f57483SELRES_6b6a4e4a-8319-476d-a770-4a65e3321b88SELRES_c1fd23cc-986f-44df-ae35-24c8c76a0f57SELRES_6bb92c8c-71ef-4c5a-b254-69153c698b34 On Wednesday, the Texas Senate convened to discuss free speech. Their purpose was to identify any restrictions on freedom of speech and other first amendment rights, specifically on Texas campuses. Those who were a part of … Continue reading Free Speech on College Campuses

Fighting Stallions Torn Between Pro Life, Pro Choice Protest

Marques Mingo Assistant News Director Barricades were established and lines formed around protesters near the Fighting Stallions statue. The Stallions mark the University’s designated free speech zone, and were utilized after pro-life advocates presented extremely graphic photos near the zone, lining the … Continue reading Fighting Stallions Torn Between Pro Life, Pro Choice Protest