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A collage of three Latino Artist Album covers. Afrika Bambaataa (Top Left), Kid Frost (Bottom Left), Bad Bunny (Right side)


Latinx cultural influence in hip-hop

By Ariana Mendoza Music Journalist  Hip-hop has always been a melting pot of cultures, voices, and experiences. Latinx artists have always been making significant impacts in the world of hip-hop. By challenging stereotypes and pushing for greater Latin representation in the industry. Latinx culture has transformed, reinvented, and birthed the hip-hop genre. Of course, the genre is a product of African American culture, but it is also Afro-Caribbean and Latino […]

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Album title in blue letters and a collection of squares using colors of the background


Underground Texas Hip-Hop artistry

By Thomas Stevens Rap/Hip-hop Journalist   The creation of hip-hop occurred in the early 1970s in Brooklyn, New York. Back in 1979, The Sugarhill Gang was bringing a whole new culture and style to America. Although, the birthplace of the new genre was New York, many other states started to take notice and began to make their own renditions of the sound.   The sound that was drastically different from […]

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Three album covers with man dressed as a superhero with powers.


Superheroes and the World of Hip-Hop

By Adrianna Elias Rap/Hip-Hop Journalist June 2, mark your calendar for an Avenger-level threat: Spider-Man and music fans are being fed! As one of the Spider-Man fans you should fear, I am excited to tell you that it is rumored that Metro Boomin is making music for the upcoming film “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.” Considering this news, allow me to remind you of a harmonious relationship between rap/hip-hop and Marvel […]

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Masked man sits at table and drinks beer while surrounded by food

Album Review

MF DOOM’s Masterpiece: MM..FOOD

By Jarris Jones Music Journalist If you are a hip-hop fan, then there are certain records that are universally known amongst your peers; records that stand out, stand the test of time and are used to inspire generations of musicians and music goers. When I think of an album that meets these criteria, I think of none other than MM..FOOD by the Madvillain himself, MF DOOM. DOOM wore a mask […]

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Faces of hip-hop trio De La Soul, from top left clockwise direction are Maseo, Trugoy and Posnudous in Black and White in front of a yellow background with blue and orange 60s style flowers. The text “3 Feet High And Rising, De La Soul” centers their faces in a circle.


Save the date! Hip-Hop legends, De La Soul, is coming to streaming

By Evelyn Lopez Rap Journalist Notorious hip-hop legends, De La Soul, have announced the date for their long-awaited comeback to streaming services. After almost 20 years, the group’s full catalog, including the albums 3 Feet High and Rising, De La Soul is Dead, Stakes are High and more, will be reissued and released on vinyl on March 3rd, 2023. The group kicked off their return by putting “The Magic Number” […]

todayFebruary 3, 2023 2671 6


What Made Yung Gravy, so Gravy?

By Destany Sanchez Music Journalist have probably heard the name Yung Gravy sometime in your life. Either from his newest single, “Betty”, the controversy surrounding him now with Addison Rae’s mom or the fact that he’s notorious for moms as fans. He is someone that deserves to have a biography written about him and why he’s just so dang beautiful. Matthew Raymond Hauri, also known as Yung Gravy, is a […]

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The image contains a stage where a performer is accompanied by people on stage and in the crowd.


The Influence of Rock in Modern-day Hip-Hop

By Gage SuttonMusic Journalist The hip-hop and rock genres have been intertwined for decades and the connection between the two is still going strong to this day. Some might wonder why this combination is so prevalent in today's music, but it is quite simple. The two genres are very similar. For starters, the energy that both types of music bring is unique to the two specific genres. Not to say […]

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Image of the "Scary Hours 2" EP cover art, a dark blue background with the text "Scary Hours" and two blue diamonds in the center.


Drake: Scary Hours 2 EP Review

By Christopher BrockerHip-hop Music Director Scary Hours 2 by Drake released March 5, 2021, and is the sequel to the 2018 EP Scary Hours. Scary Hours consists of “Gods Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity.” The title derives from a tweet Drake wrote during the height of his beef with rapper Meek Mill. The tweet came before the release of “Back To Back,” an infamous diss track. Scary Hours 2 was announced […]

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Killer Mike Speaking at Revolt Summit


Killer Mike: Gangster Rapper and Political Activist

By Jason ArlineMusic Journalist The history of hip-hop is riddled with moments in which the music was seen as less than tolerable by the media. From the early days when hip-hop was forced to be performed in parks and alleys because the disco clubs wouldn’t play “kid” music, to the ‘90s era when gangster rap was seen as the cause of violence and civil unrest, hip-hop has always been the […]

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