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Everything is Lovely Album Cover


Upcoming Houston Texas hip-hop producers

Thomas Stevens Music Journalist Before anything is said, a beat must be made. Every hip-hop track has an emcee attached to it, but many tend to forget the person who creates the foundation that the emcee stands on. The foundation was created by the producer. Producers are the focal point of a track before the lyrics come to fruition. Before anything is said, a beat must be made. All producers […]

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Whats your intentions?


World building and sampling: the intentions of your favorite artists explored

By Adrianna Elias Music Journalist  In a 1999 interview with MTV, Prince delved into the impact of violent themes in music on youth and our culture. His statement from that interview, "Pretty soon we'll be sampling the sample that was already sampled," still resonates more than ever today.   Most people often find it challenging to embrace new music. It seems like everything has been done before. How could it […]

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A pregnant women in thermal coloring against a dark blue background

Album Review

Brockhampton’s Iridescence: 5th anniversary Album Review

By Ariana Mendoza Music Journalist   In honor of the 5th anniversary of Brockhampton’s fourth studio album, Iridescence, let us revisit and delve into this album of the 15-member boy band that once was. Brockhampton, a hip-hop rap group founded here in San Marcos, Texas, released this 15-track project on Sept. 21, 2018. This is the first album the band released following the controversy surrounding former member Ameer Vann, who departed […]

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A collage of four albums included in the Autumn-Coded playlist. Description: Album collage by me.


Autumn coded playlist

By Diego Gonzales Music Journalist     It's not quite winter, not quite summer; everybody, it’s fall. Trees are going bald, mid-terms are coming up, and pumpkins are having their day in the sun. I feel like every year, the whole pumpkin thing starts earlier and earlier, but that’s neither here nor there. Here is a taste of a playlist of my favorite songs that represent fall to me. Hopefully, […]

todaySeptember 28, 2023 19

Tyler the creator poses for album cover

Album Review

Album Spotlight: four years of IGOR

By Jarris Jones Music Journalist   Igor, Igor, Igor… The only thing I associated the word Igor with was the 2008 animated horror film, but the word Igor would end up having a much greater meaning to me. Tyler, The Creator, released his fifth studio album on May 16, 2019, and at the time of its release, I was in my final weeks of high school. With my acceptance to […]

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Dean Blunt album collage in a 3 by 3


The enigma of Dean Blunt

By Jewel Ogungbamigbe Music Journalist Elusive. Multi-faceted. Undefinable. All words that I would use to describe Dean Blunt. What makes him different from every other artist? Why should you be tuned in? While he’s not necessarily underground due to him accruing quite a passionate, although somewhat niche, fanbase in subsequent years; I would still consider him underrated at most. Roy Chukwuemeka Nnawuchi, commonly known by his stage name, Dean Blunt, […]

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A stage with various guitar amplifiers, cables, and drums all painted to the same matching shade of pink


Seth Carolina on playing drums and joining Starcrawler

Knox R. White Music Journalist   Starcrawler is a glam-punk-alternative rock and roll band from Los Angeles, California. Since forming in 2015, the band has been heralded for putting on incredibly tight and energetic concerts. Also, since their formation, the band has only had two line-up changes. One was when guitarist Henri Cash’s brother Bill joined. The other being when original drummer Austin Smith left the group during the Covid-19 […]

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This image shows Reneé Rapp and her band performing the title track to her debut album Snow Angel for a crowd of people as angelic wings are positioned on a screen behind her.

Concert Review

Concert review: Reneé Rapp

By Blaire Bussey Music Journalist  Reneé Rapp, the up-and-coming American singer-songwriter, actress, and Broadway star released her debut album Snow Angel on Aug. 18th. Since then, she has already performed at all her Snow Hard Feelings Tour stops in Texas, alongside opening acts Towa Bird and Alexander 23. I had the honor of attending the show at Stubb’s in Austin and the experience felt so much more incredible than attending […]

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The album cover features two hands holding a cigarette. The image looks like it might have been taken on a film camera.


Third Thursday artist review: Soho Holiday

By Grace Wartman Local Music Journalist  Later this week on Sept. 21, is the Third Thursday of the month, meaning it’s KTSW’s monthly Third Thursday takeover at The Porch! For this month we have the two San Marcos bands Soho Holiday and Chasing Tigers. Soho Holiday is a San Marcos indie-rock group that kicked off their career just about a year ago in 2022. The five-piece, consisting of members Joe […]

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