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A man is seen holding a magic 8 ball that reads decide. The man is holding the magic 8 ball towards us and is surrounded by a black background with just a small blue light lighting up the man.


Dissecting the All New Indie playlist on Spotify

By Sofia Gualy Music Journalist If you are anything like me, searching for new music can be quite a grueling task. Looking for the perfect genre and the perfect tune can take hours on end. Spotify makes this task look easy when creating curated playlists of specific genres. All New Indie takes all the newest indie songs that have been released recently and places them all in one place for […]

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The image is a Caucasian man with long, wavy brown hair wearing black and a metallic brown jacket sitting on a stool. The setting is in a room where everything is tinted to a shade of blue while he keeps his regular color. There is a mirror and a picture frame behind him as well as a lamp, some pillows, and miscellaneous decor.


Strand of Oaks: Eraserland Review

By Maria Coraza Music Journalist Artist: Strand of Oaks Album: Eraserland Release Date: March 22, 2019 Website: Strand of Oaks is an indie/rock/alternative musical project formed by Indiana-born singer/songwriter Timothy Showalter. Earlier works from Strand of Oaks include Leave Ruin (2009), Pope Killdragon (2010), Dark Shores (2012), HEAL (2014) and Hard Love (2017). Strand of Oaks’ latest release, Eraserland, is a studio project that almost did not see to […]

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American Wrestlers, Self-Titled Album

By: Westin Boland Music Reviewer Artist: American Wrestlers Album: American Wrestlers Release Date: April 6th, 2015 Label: Fat Possum Website: In the mood for nine under produced, lo-fi tracks that hiss and crackle like a mouthful of pop-rocks? Do you by chance happen to enjoy drum machines, synthesizer riffs, and harmonica pieces layered over one another by an old 8-track player found at the Goodwill? Wow, you have really […]

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SXSW Coverage

SXSW 2015: Interview with Peter Sagar of Homeshake

By Tafari Robertson Music Reviewer   This is Tafari Robertson here at KTSW South by Southwest 2015 with Peter Sugar from Homeshake. Did I pronounce that right? I mean it’s a pseudonym, but yeah, we’ll go with Sugar. Well first question, what’s your real name? Peter Sagar. How is your south by southwest going so far? It’s just really crazy. This is the second time I’ve been here, first time […]

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