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A.R. Kane on left side and The Veldt on right side of pic


Two Underrated Black Shoegaze Artists of the 90s

By Jewel Ogungbamigbe Local Music Journalist The late 80s and 90s saw a rise in artists and bands defining the genre that we’ve known to come and love as “shoegaze.” The term shoegaze or shoegazing, as I’m sure you all know, comes from the musicians, specifically guitarists, looking down at their shoes as they change the controls of their effect pedals on the floor. Some of the bands and artists […]

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The photo includes 6 pictures of 3 artists (Lana Del Rey, Olivia Rodrigo, Ed Sheeran) and 3 album covers (Divine Feminine, Mm..Food, Juicy-single)


Remix Culture: America’s Melting Pot of Music

By Natalia Velazquez Music Journalist Have you ever been listening to a song and recognized a certain beat, guitar riff, or even background vocals? If you said yes, you have most likely just listened to a song that was influenced by remix culture!   Remix culture is heavily present within American music, being seen across multiple genres. Remixing is the idea of artists taking inspiration from others' work and taking […]

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A collage of six of the seven albums presented in this article: The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album, Songs for Christmas, Haha Sound, 1996, Wintertime, B-Sides and Rarities.


Christmas (playlist) in July

By Diego Gonzales Music Journalist It is very hot in Texas right now. Temperatures are consistently reaching triple digits as a record-breaking heat wave is affecting multiple southern states. Given these circumstances, I thought it would help to make a playlist that one could listen to and pretend it’s the holiday season. Trick your ears into thinking it’s cold outside with these winter/X-mas jams.   “The Man With All The […]

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