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Opinion: You are not an Extrovert or Introvert

By Andrea Mau Web Content Assistant Manager  You have probably at least once in your life identified yourself as either an “extrovert” or an “introvert.” These personality trait terms, often incorporated into personality quizzes, are popular in both professional and academic environments to identify work and social styles.  Identifying these traits supposedly helps one find their role in social circles and capitalize on preferred communication skills. For example, a prescribed […]

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Do You Know Who You Are?: A Look at Psychological Personality Tests and How People View Them

By Stacey RamirezWeb Content Contributor Do you know who you are? Well, a personality test might tell you!  When you hear personality tests, what goes through your head? I’m not talking about when someone asks you to take a personality test and you expect them to send you a BuzzFeed link like, “pick your favorite ice cream topping and well you find out who your soulmate will be.”  But somehow, […]

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