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Collage of 6 different country albums from both old and new artists. Artists included are, Luke Combs, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, Morgan Wallen, Tyler Childers, Hank Williams


Old vs New Country: Battle between generations

By Natalia Velazquez Music Journalist   Music is ever changing and evolving. It is not a surprise that one of America’s favorite genres would shift as well.  However, as country music has evolved, so has its culture. Having originated from Black roots, with its blues influence and traditional sounds from Africa, country music has remained to be a major music genre in the southern United States. It has provided a […]

todayOctober 3, 2023 36 2

Three members of Small Forward looking to the left. In order from left to right are Campbell Scott, Michael Stevenson, Rounak Maiti.


Small Forward: A refreshing sound in Indie Music

By Natalia Velazquez Music Journalist   I consider myself an explorer of music. I will search high and low for new artists and songs to add to playlists and to love. In December of 2022, I was playing around on Spotify when I discovered a song called “Tearjerker” by the band, Small Forward. I instantly fell in love with the relaxed yet upbeat instrumentals, and the transition from the bridge […]

todayOctober 3, 2023 61 1

DJ on stage at Kai Wachi rave, there are bright neon lights and a crowd


Raves: Unity through eccentricity

By Natalia Velazquez Music Journalist   Peace, love, unity and respect. These are just a couple of words that sum up the passion behind raves and their attendees. Starting as secretive underground shows, rave music and its culture have become mainstream within American media, being depicted in TV shows and movies, but primarily its impact in generating a massive EDM following. Although rave music has such a large following within […]

todaySeptember 8, 2023 47 1

Concert Review

Concert Review: Late Night Drive Home

By Natalia Velazquez Music Journalist On August 5, I attended a concert for the El Paso band, Late Night Drive Home at Empire Control Room and Garage in Austin. Late Night Drive Home is one of my favorite bands of the indie rock genre, so when I saw they were going on tour I bought tickets immediately. They are a four-person group that really came into their sound in 2021 […]

todayAugust 15, 2023 61 1

The photo includes 6 pictures of 3 artists (Lana Del Rey, Olivia Rodrigo, Ed Sheeran) and 3 album covers (Divine Feminine, Mm..Food, Juicy-single)


Remix Culture: America’s Melting Pot of Music

By Natalia Velazquez Music Journalist Have you ever been listening to a song and recognized a certain beat, guitar riff, or even background vocals? If you said yes, you have most likely just listened to a song that was influenced by remix culture!   Remix culture is heavily present within American music, being seen across multiple genres. Remixing is the idea of artists taking inspiration from others' work and taking […]

todayJuly 20, 2023 82 1


10 Classic Dad Songs to Listen to While Celebrating Father’s Day

By Natalia Velazquez Music Journalist With Father’s Day coming up on June 18th, it’s important that we take some time to appreciate the odd-ballish men that helped shape some of us into who we are today. This playlist was made with every stereotype of a dad in mind, from those who knock on every piece of furniture in IKEA, to those who are really particular about their steak temperature. Either […]

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