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There are three people, appearing to be men, standing on a checkered, baby blue and off-white, tiled floor. The image only catches their feet and legs. The person standing left of the image is wearing black and grey socks, and a blue skirt that falls at their mid thigh. The person standing in the center is barefoot and wearing a brown skirt that stops right above their ankles. And the person standing to the right of the image is wearing a pale blue dress with red ribbons at the bottom, black and blue striped sock, and a pair of fuzzy, pink, puppy slippers. They are standing in a semicircle leaving a vacant area on the floor where the phrases “Peach Pit” and “You and Your Friends” are placed in wavy white font. There is also a very small parental advisory sticker in the bottom right corner.


Peach Pit: You and Your Friends Album Review

By Zoe ElterMusic Journalist Album: You and Your FriendsArtist: Peach PitRelease Date: April 3, 2020Website I initially fell in love with Peach Pit when I stumbled across this live performance of their song "Alrighty Aphrodite" in late 2016. Ever since then, I have been following their music with almost reckless abandon. Peach Pit, coupling Neil Smith's voice with the innovative bedroom pop style, has a sound that is all their […]

todayApril 29, 2020 2021

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